Our Mission

ACTIVE Ministry fulfills the Great Commission by developing Christians in whole, preachers in general and church-planters in particular, through a holistic education, entrepreneurship, plus community development, and deploying them to save lives, body, soul and spirit for the sake of Family, Community and Global Transformation. Vocational training, practiced through community development, builds competences for entrepreneurship to provide economic support for the new pastors.

Our Vision

Active Ministry envisions pastors and leaders developed in essential ministerial talents and equipped in vocational skills, becoming catalysts for strategic church-planting while self-supported.

Save Lives &

Create Joy

And we won't stop until we have made the world a better place.

We are changing lives of the most disadvantaged people and children in Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe.

Since its establishment, ACTIVE Ministry has focused on people. Our main goal is to save the whole individual from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. We have donated shoes to orphaned kids, brought clean drinking water to rural communities and provided repairs for school infrastructure and provided school supplies among other services.