We seek intellectually curious and motivated students with a record of achievement inside and outside the classroom. We select those who will benefit from our distinctive online curriculum and contribute to our community.

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ACTIVE Ministry is in need of people with special skills who are willing to volunteer their services to advance the work of the kingdom of God through the ministry. We are in need of volunteer advocates to spread the word about our ministry. We need volunteers to help with the ministerial planning and strategy alignment. Connect with us to hear more and consider where you might be of service and assistance.

You’ve explored ACTIVE Ministry through this website and gotten a feel for our vision and mission, who we are and how we operate, for our supportive team, areas of ministerial work and the desire to save lives body soul and spirit. We hope you’ve contemplated ways you could become involved and partner with this ministry.

Take a moment to fill out the short form below to send us your information and begin the process of a lasting partnership and become instrumental in saving lives. When you act, you transform a people, a family, a life, one person at a time. It is time to get involved.

The 2022-2023 volunteer Application is open!


When you act, you transform a people, a family one person at a time.

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