The water crisis is massive. But together, we can solve it.

Join with ACTIVE Ministry and give the people of Mudzi a chance to a better life with reduced or eliminated water-borne diseases through purified clean drinking water.

Mudzi is a rural community in the Mashonaland East province of Zimbabwe with a population of approximately 35 000 people most of whom are subsistence farming. These villagers today are in dire need of a clean water source. The nearest water is a muddy dam which is unprotected and used by the livestock consisting of cattle and goats. The women have no options for any sanitized water source and therefore are forced to do their laundry and bathe their children in the same water that their animals drink and defecate in. The women then fill their buckets with the muddy water obtained from the same dam through a shallow well dug around the bank.

Though the water might look a little clear due to siltation, it still contains bacteria that cause killer diseases. It is a well documented fact that Southern African water sources such as dams, streams and rivers are almost all under severe threat of environmental pollution. This is mostly due to over population of rural rain water catchment areas and use of streams and rivers for human bathing and clothing washing. These areas are dry areas without water due to lack of municipal infrastructure as well as short rain seasons. Improving the access to clean water is a simple and cost effective means to reducing water-borne sickness and disease.

We invite you to partner with us and help bring clean water and safe water to the people of Mudzi

Pray for families in Zimbabwe who are forced to depend on unclean water sources simply to survive. Thank God that simple initiatives like point of use water purification system can bring dramatic change, transforming the health of communities.

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