Africa Church-planting & Training In Vocational Education (ACTIVE) Ministry is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization formed for religious and educational purposes.  Specifically, ACTIVE facilitates the planting of new churches in Zimbabwe by training preachers and equipping them with technical skills for self-supporting.

Education for Church planting

ACTIVE Ministry plants churches.  The goal of ACTIVE Ministry in facilitating church planting in Zimbabwe is to become instrumental in carrying out the great commission and to expand the Christian platform.  Churches provide Christian moral grounding and help groom people through Christ-centered spiritual, academic, and practical education.  Churches hold weekly worship services and midweek Bible study activities to inject spiritual growth among its members.  The students-in-training establish these churches.

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Entrepreneurship for self-support

ACTIVE Ministry provides socio-economic stability through vocational training.  Vocational training equips church planters with technical skills for self-support.  Occupational skills’ training focuses on practical areas, providing employable skills and promoting entrepreneurship.  Vocational training is part of the church planting strategy because students (Church Planters) go to new unreached areas, which do not have established churches that can support them.  Therefore empowering them with self-employment occupational skills provides a source of livelihood for the students as they work to plant churches as part of their education curricular.

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Community Development

ACTIVE Ministry engages in Community Development as part of its corporate and ministerial social responsibility.  Community development seeks to practically empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with tools and the skills they need to effect sustainable change and improved living in their own communities.

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Missionary Partnerships

ACTIVE Ministry partners with missionaries for outreach.  Missionaries and volunteers from the United States to Zimbabwe help with general, administrative, and academic work.  ACTIVE Ministry works with local churches as a sending agent to provide accountability oversight and spiritual support.  The missionary’s connection with ACTIVE Ministry is an association by mutual agreement.  All the support received by the missionary is tax deductible.  Each missionary establishes their own course of action and maintains complete financial independence in the stewardship of funds sent for their work.  The missionary partnership is done on a short, mid and long-term basis.  Missionaries work as volunteers governed through the established institute’s bylaws.

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ACTIVE intends to plant churches in Zimbabwe through discipleship training and equipping with vocational skills for self-support.


ACTIVE Ministry fulfills The Great Commission by developing Christians in whole, preachers in general and Church planters in particular. Vocational training provides economic support for the new pastors. ACTIVE Ministry participates in community development as part of its ministry outreach and social responsibility. ACTIVE Ministry mission accomplishment is realised through Education, Entrepreneurship and Community Development.

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