ACTIVE Ministry participates in community development as part of of its ministry outreach and social responsibility.

 Community development seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with tools and the skills they need to effect change in their own communities. Read more on projects below:


Water Purification

ACTIVE Ministry has engaged with the New Life International through their Water For The World division to provide a point of use water purification system that purifies water through chlorination.  The system is almost maintenance free needing very minimal human resource input for maintenance making it fitting for developing countries.   Read More Click here



Children helping other Children:  Shoes for Orphans

 ACTIVE Ministry's Children Support Children, works to connect young people of America to directly affect the lives of other young people of similar ages in Zimbabwe. In this program, elementary education kids collect school supplies that go a very long way in helping poor rural kids in Zimbabwe have a better shot at their learning process by improving the teaching and learning materials. You people also help through a collection of shoes both new and good used that are given to those in need in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. Assisting with shoes helps kids avoid contracting diseases that can be fatal to health and general cognition. 




Children Support Children: School Roof installation

The Children support children program does a lot more than school supplies and helps with building and repairing of learning facilities. Several Vacation Bible school kids have supported the repairing of a school roof in one of the rural schools in Zimbabwe. The second time around these same kids have even supplied material that was made to roof the entire classroom block which would seat over 80 kids to take their classes. Find out if your vacation bible school can become a part of this amazing endeavor where kids do tangible ministry efforts that will last for lifetime for most African kids. visit our Get Involved Button and learn how you also can make a difference in others lives.

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