Entrepreneurship derived from Vocational Training

In Entrepreneurship studies, students learn how to build, promote, and manage their own small businesses. They also learn how to apply their creativity and energy to make existing businesses more productive. Studies will involve good training in business management. Students will learn about cost, benefit and competitive analysis; investment returns; e-commerce; legal aspects; marketing and sales; supply and demand; and applicable laws….

To the aspiring entrepreneur, a college degree cannot guarantee millions of dollars in revenue; but an education in entrepreneurship can enable you to better comprehend the business aspects of successfully operating a new venture, and how to capitalize on natural talent and learned skills.

Additionally, entrepreneurship training is vital to those who will eventually be hiring and developing a winning team of workers. After a student has completed their course of study, not only will they be able to effectively determine which candidates will be most productive for them and their business, but students will also know how to efficiently finance, manage and market their small business; identify new and opportune business enterprises; and create strategic business plans.

Entrepreneurship classes include the following:

  • Business system management
  • Human resource management
  • Customer services Skills
  • Workplace ethics
  • Business Conflict management
  • Time management
  • Strategic Planning/Organizational Skills
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Business Communication                                            ......Read More
Entrepreneurship provides expertise, innovations, and new small businesses as students put their knowledge and skills into practice.

Skills Training

Welding, among skills taught at TtC


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