ACTIVE Ministry offers preachers training through the International Institute of Bible & Vocational Training in the process of being established.

  College Vision

 The International Institute of Bible & Vocational Training intends to develop church planters/preachers, and equip them with vocational skills for self-support.

 College Mission

The International Institute of Bible & Vocational Training (IIBVT) exists to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and expand His Church by equipping and motivating believers to transform Zimbabwe/African through evangelism, discipleship, and meeting human needs. IIBVT contributes to the great commission in the course of producing Christians in whole, preachers in general and Church planters in particular, (Matthew 28:19-20; 2 Timothy 2:2).  The international Institute of Bible & Vocational Training nurtures its students in a spiritual, social, and academic setting that enables them to deepen their relationship with God, from a Christian worldview, and develop their gifts in order to serve Christ and His Church.


The International Institute of Bible & Vocational Training is a private higher education institution dedicated to quality academic endeavors in teaching and making disciples, to supportive programming for student needs and development, and to effective social and economic initiatives in community development.  IIBVT enrolls students across denominations throughout Zimbabwe and actively promotes the intellectual and social benefits of cultural pluralism united and rooted in God’s Bible truth.  It exists to train students for specialized Christian ministries with a heart on evangelism and church planting. IIBVT seeks to meet Biblical, educational, vocational, social, and personal needs of its diverse population of students and help them fully realize their potential.


On the 1st of July 2009 The International Institute of Bible & Vocational Training (IIBVT) was established to begin the training of church planters in Zimbabwe.  This institute operates as an arm of Africa Church-planting & Training In Vocational Education (ACTIVE Ministry).  ACTIVE ministry is committed to establishing New Testament Churches throughout Zimbabwe and Africa.  Currently, IIBVT has an enrollment of 23 students on hold pending the completion of the registration and accreditation process with the ministry of Higher Education in Zimbabwe. IIBVT operates from rented facilities and offers its learning program on a semi-annual learning program comprised of six weeks in-class requirement followed by up to four months of outside of classroom work. Students attend lectures for six weeks and then submit their assignments on line.  The “semester” officially runs from June to December each year until such time when IIBVT is fully established and has its own facilities.

The Establishment process

As of 2011 IIBVT has suspended classes in order to pursue the registration and accreditation requirements of the ministry of Higher Education. Through ACTIVE Ministry, the college has now obtained a piece of land in the Ngarwe rural area of Mudzi district in the Mashonaland East province of Zimbabwe. The actual building of premises will be following soon.

2009-2010 Students


Theotechnic College Architectural Renderings

Skills Training

Welding, among skills taught at TtC


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