The third year of students’ training will be spent planting churches and assisting ailing. Students spend the whole year engaging in an unpaid internship.  During this year, students will fulfill any in-class assignments through distance education facilitated online.

One major area of field work is Church planting. A study of various sources reveals that a large number of churches have leveled out or are declining and many are dying. Given this reality, ACTIVE will play a part in reversing this trend based on the facts that: New churches have been shown to grow faster than older established churches; new churches evangelize better than established churches; Church Planters gain credibility as leaders in planted churches faster than those who take pastorates in established churches; Those involved in church planting are more open to change than those in established churches. The result is that not only are those involved extremely excited about the new church which, in turn, attracts other people, but they are open to change and are willing to try new and innovative ideas concurrent to current issues.  Demographics are changing quicker than ever before, and that the nations from all over the world are intermingling in countries under God’s providence which requires different approaches to be used in order to reach the un-churched.  The church planting process will follow seven phases that are carried out in a team format. 

Making Disciples

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