ACTIVE stands for Africa Church-planting & Training In Vocational Education. ACTIVE Ministry is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization formed to facilitate the starting of new congregations in Zimbabwe and other countries in Africa. ACTIVE is in the process of establishing a theological and vocational training college through which the ministry will train and equip preachers to plant churches and be self-supported.

Vision: ACTIVE intends to plant churches in Zimbabwe by way of training church planters/preachers, and equipping them with vocational skills for self-support. (Acts 20:34; 1 Corinthians 4:12)

Mission: ACTIVE fulfills The Great Commission and The Greatest Commandments by developing Christians in whole, preachers in general and Church planters in particular.  [Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 22:36-40, 2 Timothy 2:2] ACTIVE Ministry desires to build multiplying leaders of integrity who are equipped to spearhead the moral, social, and economic transformation of Zimbabwe and Africa.

Articles of Faith

We believe that God exists and has created all things visible and invisible; we worship the one holy and loving God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit eternally. God has brought salvation and new life to humanity through Jesus Christ, who has delivered us from the dominion of sin and reconciled us to God by his death on a cross.

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Active Ministry is establishing a bible college under the name Theotechnic College (TtC) in Zimbabwe with the intent to plant churches through training of church planters, preachers, and developing church leaders while equipping them with vocational skills for self-support.

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Accountability and Leadership

Your support makes this work possible. More specifically, your support is doing incredible things in the lives of real people. ACTIVE handles your donations prayerfully and with the utmost integrity and stewardship. ACTIVE Ministry devotes 100% of its funds, effort, and time to the fulfillment of the planting of churches in Zimbabwe through preachers training. All donations to Active ministry are tax deductible.

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What We Do

The focus of ACTIVE Ministry comprises Education for Church planting, Entrepreneurship for self-support and Community development for social responsibility.

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ACTIVE intends to plant churches in Zimbabwe through discipleship training and equipping with vocational skills for self-support.


ACTIVE Ministry fulfills The Great Commission by developing Christians in whole, preachers in general and Church planters in particular. Vocational training provides economic support for the new pastors. ACTIVE Ministry participates in community development as part of its ministry outreach and social responsibility. ACTIVE Ministry mission accomplishment is realised through Education, Entrepreneurship and Community Development.

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