Your support makes this work possible.  More specifically, your support is doing incredible things in the lives of real people.  ACTIVE handles your donations prayerfully and with the utmost integrity and stewardship.

ACTIVE Ministry devotes 100% of its funds, effort, and time to the fulfillment of the planting of churches in Zimbabwe through preachers training.  All donations to Active ministry are tax deductible.

We appreciate and applaud your decision to make the world's lost a priority in your life.  God blesses us with resources, skills, and talents so we can use them for His glory, and ACTIVE is doing just that.


ACTIVE ministry is under the governance of ten-member board of directors, half of which serve as ACTIVE USA and the other half as ACTIVE Zimbabwe.  Both parts of the board operate under the oversight of one executive director who serves as an ex-officio member accountable to both boards.  ACTIVE Ministry formulates its activities through the collaboration of both parts of the board and the ACTIVE Zimbabwe board oversees the operations.

ACTIVE does NOT pay remunerations to its board members.  They serve the organization on a volunteer basis.


ACTIVE Ministry (USA) board comprises of the executive director and following volunteer members:

1.      Executive Director             Mr. Peter C. Makiriyado, Ph. D. 

2.      Chairman                         Jill Jackson 

3.      Vice chairman                   Dr. Christopher W. Rumsey (D.VM) 

4.      Treasurer                         Aaron Savka

5.      Secretary                         Jodi Schlatter

6.      Members at-large

                                         Brent Brewer (MA.ed; MS.miss.)

                                         Ronald G. Schlatter

                                         Donald Mushayamunda                                     

                                         Allison Albert

Joel Davis

Kim Davis



ACTIVE Ministry (Zimbabwe) board comprises of the executive director plus the following volunteer members:

1.      Executive Director               Dr. Peter C. Makiriyado, PH.D.

2.      Chairman                            Mr. E. B. Jirrie

3.      Vice chairman                     Mrs. Munaki Mlambo

4.      Treasurer                           Pastor Denford Chizanga (M.A. ministry, M.A. Church leadership) 

5.      Secretary                           Mr. Makarudze (M.A.)

6.      V. secretary                       Mr. Stephen Kapfunde

7.      Coordinator                       Pastor Edwin Magwidi (M.A. Religious studies)

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