The missionary's connection with the Mission is described as that of association by mutual agreement. Each missionary establishes his/her own course of action and main­tains complete financial independence in the stewardship of funds sent for his/her work.  The missionaries will be going to work under ACTIVE Ministry as college lecturers, Bible study teachers, organizers of Holiday Bible Schools, Accountants and other occupations that may be required by Theotechnic College.  

There is no distinction on the basis of race or sex. Each applicant may or may not have specialized Christian training. Each applicant must be recommended by, supported by, and re­sponsible to at least one congregation of Christians.  An applicant for Career Missionary must be a member of the Chris­tian Church/Church of Christ.  An applicant for Short Term Missionary or Missionary Intern may or may not be a member of the Christian Church/Church of Christ.

ACTIVE has three categories of missionary workers: Career Missionary, Short Term Missionary, and Missionary Intern.


Commitment to this kind of service is more open-ended, probably involving a mini­mum of three years. The termination date cannot be known in advance. The aim of this category is to give a career commitment to the growth of the churches in Zimbabwe. A Career Missionary may pursue personal growth in faith, academic preparation, etc., until the Lord may lead elsewhere. Service continues so long as the individual feels that the Lord wants him/her in Zimbabwe, and he/she can maintain proper relationships between himself/herself, fellow missionaries, ACTIVE Policy, Zimbabweans,  Theotechnic policy, and supporting churches.


This category of service would probably last more than 90 days but less than three years. The aim of this category is to complete special assignments that will contribute to the well being of the churches, Theotechnic college instruction, without involving a long-term commitment on the part of the missionary. Even though the termination date is known in advance, the possibility for continued service exists through re-application.


Service would last 90 days or less. The aim of this category involves learning on the part of the intern as well as serving. The intern would contribute time and talent un­der the direction of a Career Missionary. We are hopeful that the experience in Zimbabwe will lead him/her to give full time to the work of world evangelism in the future. The possibility for continued service exists through re-application.

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