Initial Overview of ACTIVE Part One



Initial Overview of ACTIVE Part Two




Initial Overview of ACTIVE Part Three



Installation of a water purification system expanded. A larger tank and a manual pump were added to ease the provision of clean drinking water for the rural people of Mudzi, Zimbabwe 






Highlights of students in Class that calminates with a brief overview of the property pending acquiring. The property will become the near future home of the International Institution of Bible & Vocational Training (IIBVT)




  A brief overview of ACTIVE Activities in the summer of 2010 in the areas of Education and community development. It also shows the project to roof a classroom, provided by the VBS children of Grand Avenue Christian Church, Carbondale, IL. The project was done under the children Support Children entity of ACTIVE Ministry. 



Slide show for the International Institute of Bible and Vocational Training students. It combines both the 2009 and 2010 semesters. For more information about IIBVT visit



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