Here are some opportunities for your organization to get involved in the endeavors of ACTIVE Ministry.   Please contact us for more information on how you can become a partner of ACTIVE and actively save lives in Zimbabwe.

Employee challenge: As an organization you can choose to give and invite your employees to get involved by matching the donations your employees make to ACTIVE

Sponsor A water Purifier:ACTIVE has engaged with the New Life International through their Water for the World division to provide a point of use water purification system that purifies water through chlorination.The system is 95% maintenance free making it fitting for developing countries...Read More

Humanitarian Grants:You or your organization can provide a grant or assist in writing a grant to provide clean drinking water in Zimbabwe's rural population who are in danger of water borne diseases.  The grant can provide funding for water purification systems, drill water wells and or expand the water reservoirs (Dams, Lakes, etc) to provide safe clean drinking water.

Educational Grant: Zimbabwe's rural schools are crumbling.  You or your organization can provide a grant or assist in writing a grant to repair rural elementary schools so that Zimbabwe's rural children would have a chance to make it in life through quality education.  The grant can also be used to provide teaching and learning materials from rural schools.  Rural schools are supported by parents who are subsistence farmers and do not have a decent income.


Buy a Brick: Challenge employees: ACTIVE is in the initial stages of constructing a Vocational and Theological Training Institute in Zimbabwe’s Mudzi District.  The college will help to create jobs in a country whose unemployment rate is over 80%. Above all the college will train the much needed ministers to preach and plant new church congregations. As such we are looking for friends and partnerships so that together, we can accomplish this task.   You and or your organization can be a part of this historic endeavor by purchasing a brick on the building....Read More

Sponsor a Building or Room : You or your organization can be strategically involved in the actual buildings by supporting the costs to build one of the buildings or funding for the furnishing of a building or a room in a building. For example, you may choose to build the school or furnish a classroom; build the student dormitory or furnish a piece of equipment. Those who directly support a building or its furnishings will have their name on a plaque at the entrance of the building. If you choose to support an entire building that building can be named in honor of you.

Product Donations: Learn about the types of product donations we accept, how donating benefits your organization, and learn how donated products impact the lives of those in need.

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